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International Office (Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs ) of Jiangsu University is a functional and coordinative department that is in charge of international education and exchange, scientific research and cooperation generally.

We are mainly in charge of the following issues:
1.         To compile and implement the annual plan of Jiangsu University’s international cooperation and exchange and then summarize the achievements and lessons of its implementation, take in charge of the budget of international cooperation and exchange funds;
2.         To organize and arrange the international activities of Jiangsu University and deal with international liaison, take in charge of documents and instructions forwarded from higher departments to Jiangsu University on cooperation and exchange in international education and training in joint efforts with other departments. As for all letters or e-mails to Jiangsu University from abroad, our department shall put forward solutions and present them to leaders in charge hereof and forward them to relevant departments for final solution.
3.         To take in charge of going-abroad affairs for all kinds of people in Jiangsu University (including students, secret-involved persons and retired persons at bureau level), including business visit, participation in international conferences, academic exchanges, private going-abroad and so on;
4.         To make the plan for hire long-term and short-term foreign experts and managing these experts, as well as affairs concerning experts who give lectures or conduct exchange at Jiangsu University and so on;
5.         To establish cooperative relationship with universities and colleges, academic institutions and other organizations from abroad, enter into contacts and implement them, and so on;
6.         To take in charge of all kinds of cooperative education (joint education) programs with overseas parties as well as the management of teachers and students on exchange;
7.         To take in charge of examination, submission for approval, supporting services and management of holding international conferences in Jiangsu Universities and so on;
8.         To assist Human Resources Department in selecting and sending all kinds of persons at the government’s expense (including persons sent abroad for study at the expense of funds offered by China Scholarship Council, persons sent abroad for study, further education, visit and inter-college exchange at the expense of funds offered by Jiangsu Scholarship Council) and relevant services;
9.         To take in charge of invitation of foreign guests and management relating to reception of all international cooperation and exchange. As for all invitation of foreign guests and reception of visitors, relevant materials should be submitted to our department for record. As for visits of important foreign guests and international activities involving Jiangsu University leaders, our department should conduct arrangement generally;
10.     To take in charge of instruction to all departments and schools of Jiangsu Universities in aspects of foreign affairs, including working procedures of conferring such honorary titles as Honorary Doc., Honorary Professor, Visiting Professor, Part-time Professor and Academic Advisor to overseas scholars; to take in charge of management of residence-related affairs of overseas persons and aversion of foreign element-involved legal risks;
11.     To assist Financial Center in management of foreign element-involved funds;
12.     To assist Security Department and relevant departments in submitting foreign element-involved activities for record and security control of important foreign element-involved activities;
13.     To take in charge of other affairs related to foreign cooperation and exchange.