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Working Rules of Logistics Department (Group) for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Disease in Centralized Quarantine Area (Building10, Block C)
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Annex 7:


I Hygiene and Disinfection in Centralized Quarantine Area

1. In the public area on the first floor (including the ground, doors and windows, handles, tables and chairs): the staff shall disinfect the public area by wiping these places with the 84 disinfectant (product name) at 8:00, 10:00, 14:00, and 16:00 every day. The key areas such as the reception window shall be disinfected more frequently. Logistics Department shall ensure daily inspections and standardized records. The staff shall paste a sign “Area Disinfected Today” in the lobby after disinfection.

2. In the laundry room (first floor): The centralized quarantine persons shall put the overcoats to be cleaned in a laundry bag, and the property management staff will wash, dry and return them to the centralized quarantine persons. The underwear of the centralized quarantine persons shall be washed in their rooms by themselves. Upon the use of the laundry equipment, the staff shall immediately soak and disinfect the equipment.

3. In the quarantine area: Logistics Department shall disinfect the area in the morning and in the afternoon and dispose of the domestic waste.

II Entry & Exit Management and In-Building Inspection

1. Entry & Exit Management

The quarantine area is under closed management, and the inspector is on duty 24 hours.

(1) The strict entry and exit management requires real-name verification, registration, and the measurement of body temperature. The area is staff only and non-emergency maintenance personnel are prohibited from entering.

(2) The centralized quarantine persons shall enter the area under the guidance of the medical staff of the JSU Staff Hospital (JSUSH).

(3) During the quarantine period, all quarantine persons shall not leave their rooms.

2. In-Building Inspection

(1) In the public area and laundry room: Logistics Department shall set up a passage for the persons in centralized quarantine at the entrance of the lobby, and separate the laundry room from the corridor. Centralized quarantine persons’ range of movement in the public area on the first floor is strictly controlled.

(2) In the quarantine area: The second to sixth floors are the quarantine area under the floor-based management. The laundry room is not open to individuals. The emergency telephone numbers, announcements of breakfast, lunch and dinner hours, contact numbers for special shopping needs, and contact numbers for psychological counseling are posted on each floor. On-duty personnel in the building shall observe the quarantine areas through closed-circuit monitoring. For those who do not comply with the requirements, Logistics Department shall contact their affiliated units to ensure them to abide by quarantine regulations.

3. Allocation of Quarantine Rooms and Other Supporting Supplies

(1) The rooms of the centralized quarantine persons are allocated by the JSUSH.

(2) All supplies for the centralized quarantine persons are provided by the Service Center.

4. Food Delivery and Package Distribution

(1) Three meals for persons in centralized quarantine are provided by their affiliated units. The staff on duty in the quarantine area shall assist the delivery.

(2) The delivery of purchased items. The purchasing staff will send the package labelling the room number and personnel information to the management room. The property management staff shall deliver the packages to the room of the persons in ccentralized quarantine at 10:00 a.m. every day.

Logistics Department (Group)

February 14, 2020