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Working Rules of Jiangsu University Staff Hospital for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Disease in Centralized Quarantine Area
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Annex 6

I. Pre-Disinfection Rules of JSU For Preventing and Controlling Novel Coronavirus Disease in Centralized Quarantine Area

1. Clean and disinfect the contaminated objects, surfaces, ground and air, etc. according to Technical Regulation for Disinfection of Medical Institutions.

2. Clean utensils shall be used separately, and marked clearly.

3. The physical surface of furniture, door handles, bathroom countertops, washbasins, toilets, which is daily contacted or used shall be wet wiped with disinfectant containing 500mg / L ~ 1000mg / L of available chlorine twice a day. The floor shall be wet mopped with available chlorine containing available chlorine 1000mg / L ~ 2000mg / L twice. If physical surfaces show visible contaminants, the dirt shall be removed with disposable absorbent material before disinfecting, and disinfect at any time in case of contamination.

4. Keep air circulating in the centralized quarantine area, open the windows and doors at least twice a day for 30 minutes each time.

5. All the waste in the centralized quarantine area is considered as infected waste. According to Management Regulation for Medical Waste, they shall be double sealed with yellow garbage bags, clearly marked, and collected, stored, registered, handed over and transferred separately.

6. After lifting quarantine of the quarantine persons and transferring suspected cases, the accommodation they have stayed shall receive terminal disinfection and registration.

II. Management Regulation of JSU For Preventing and Controlling Novel Coronavirus Disease in Centralized Quarantine Area

1. The centralized quarantine area is divided into the disinfection area and the quarantine area. And the two are clearly marked. The disinfection area is for medical, property management, and security personnel, and the quarantine area is for the quarantined person.

2. Ensure each quarantine person in one single room as much as possible. Social gatherings and going out are forbidden and the quarantined persons can only stay inside their own room. During the quarantine period, the quarantined persons shall take care of themselves. It shall be ensured that toiletries and other utensils for daily use are not shared, and washed and disinfected separately.

3. During the routine check-up, the medical staff check body temperatures twice everyday (in the morning and evening) and record the health status of the quarantined persons.  

4. During the quarantine period, if the persons in centralized quarantine get acute fever and other pneumonia related symptoms, the medical staff shall immediately report to the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University and transfer the patients to designated hospital for further analysis and treatment and report to JSU Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Disease Prevention and Control.

5. If the quarantined persons have no relative symptoms, the quarantine can be lifted on the 14th day since the last contact with the infected patient or 14th day after leaving the epidemic areas.

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