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China-Tanzania-Zambia International Exchange on COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment was held in JSU
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In the episode of CGTN’s livestream program “COVID-19 Frontline” held on Wednesday, May 27, CGTN invited experts from the Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University who joined frontline medics in Hubei Province during the anti-COVID-19 battle, to share their first-hand COVID-19 treatment experience with medical workers in Tanzania and Zambia. 15 medical experts from Tanzanian public hospitals, Zambian Ministry of Health and Chinese experts exchanged their views.

Affiliated Hospital of JSU sent a total of 17 medical staff in 4 batches to support Hubei Province, said Prof. Yan Xiaohong, President and head of the leading group of JSU on the COVID-19 control and prevention. In July 2020, Affiliated Hospital of JSU will set up the 30th Jiangsu Medical Mission to Zanzibar in 2020 which will set off to support Africa. Relying on the previous experience gained from the foreign aid of Tanzania medical treatment and Zambian agricultural machinery under the “the Belt and Road Initiative”, JSU will actively promote international cooperation in the field of anti-epidemic and economic recovery and production, and jointly respond to global health and safety challenges through international cooperation, thus promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind with practical actions.

In the two-hour program, 11 front-line staff from Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University in details answered questions presented by Tanzania and Zambia medics, which included diagnosis, treatment and nursing, treatment of complications, prevention of infection, public health measures and post epidemic control, etc. The staff shared their practical experience on the forefront of the fight against the epidemic with their international medics. Their rich experience and willingness to dedicate were praised by their Tanzanian and Zambian peers, which greatly inspired the confidence and courage of the medical staff of Tanzania and Zambia in overcoming the epidemic, and contributed Chinese experience and wisdom to the international covid-19 prevention and containing.

“COVID-19 Frontline” is a special program organized by CGTN think tank and China Association for Science and Technology. Focusing on the theme of “science and technology help the global war epidemic”, the program shares the achievements made in the current fight against the epidemic, in-depth discusses how to use science and technology to help the whole world fight against the epidemic and further determines the important role of science and technology in the global public health.