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The 4th Congress of JSU Committee of the CPC was held on campus
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At the critical moment of Jiangsu University’s new achievements and the pursuit of new development, all the party members, teachers and students of JSU have ushered in a major event in their political life. From December 15th to 16th, the 4th Congress of JSU Committee of the CPC was held on Campus. The theme of this conference was: To thoroughly study and implement President Xi Jinping's new era thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, remain true to our original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind, fully implement the fundamental tasks of the morality education; further emancipate the mind, deepen reform, unite and strive, strive for self-improvement, strive for excellence, promote high-quality connotative development, strive to build a high-level and unique international research university to be among top-ranking universities in the country.

On the morning of December 15th, the 4th Congress of JSU Committee of the CPC was officially opened with 300 representatives attended. The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Chair of University Committee and President Prof. Yan Xiaohong.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Hui Jianlin, Secretary of Zhenjiang City and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, on behalf of the Zhenjiang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, expressed sincere congratulations on the convening of the conference.

In the opening speech, Prof. Yan Xiaohong expressed his warm welcome to the leaders of the higher-level party organizations and supervisory groups and paid high tribute to the old leaders and retired comrades attending the conference.

After the opening ceremony, the first plenary meeting was held and was hosted by Prof. Yan Xiaohong. On behalf of the 3rd Jiangsu University Committee of the Communist Party of China, Prof. Yuan Shouqi gave a work report entitled "Emancipating the Mind and Seeking New Articles, Deepening Reform, Creating First-Class, Struggling to Create a New Situation of High-Level and Characteristic International Research Universities". Mr. Gao Qingguo, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, gave a work report entitled “Adhering to Mission, Performing Duty Loyally and Being Brave to Take on Responsibility, Providing Strong Guarantee for Promoting the Construction of High-level and Characteristic International Research Universities”.

On the morning of the 16th, the second meeting of the 4th Congress of JSU Committee of the CPC hosted by Vice President Prof. Li Hongbo, was held in the Academic Auditorium. The 298 delegates attending the meeting elected the 4th JSU committee of the Communist Party of China, composed of 27 members, and a new disciplinary inspection committee composed of 11 members. Prof. Yan Xiaohong announced the newly elected "two committees" members. The deputies also reviewed and approved the "Resolution on the Work Report of the 4th JSU Committee of the Communist Party of China " and the "Resolution on the Work Report of the JSU Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China ".

Prof. Yuan Shouqi pointed out that this conference comprehensively summed up the remarkable achievements and basic experience that have been achieved since the 3rd congress of JSU committee of the CPC, objectively pointed out the problems and deficiencies in the development of the cause, and clearly put forward the medium and long-term development goals in the new era in his closing speech. The system has comprehensively strengthened party leadership, party building and strict governance of the party, which has important guiding significance for the future reform and development of JSU.