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Professor Yuan Shouqi and his Research Team Won the German KSB Global Headquarters Research Fund
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The KSB Pump Industry Foundation's 2018 annual research project review meeting was held in Stuttgart, Germany. Prof. Yuan Shouqi, Dr. Zhang Fan and Dr. Luo Yin jointly presented the “Research on operation condition detection for centrifugal pumps” project, and it was successfully approved with Lot number: NO. 1.2018.07.1, and funding of 150,000 Euros.


KSB is a world-famous modern pump manufacturing company, founded in 1871, one of the world's three largest pump manufacturing companies. It is headquartered in Franktal, Germany and has a history of nearly 150 years. The company has 33 wholly-owned or joint venture production bases in 19 countries around the world, with world-leading product technology and a wide range of products. Each year, the KSB Foundation collects applications for the project based on the major technical problems faced by the company. After the joint review of the company's board of directors and the foundation, the final approved candidates will be announced at the end of the year.


The cooperation of Prof. Yuan's team with the KSB headquarters in Germany is a major breakthrough in the field of fluid machinery (pump) technology research of Jiangsu University, marking the steady improvement of research level and international influence of National Research Center of Pumps. It also has laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of industry-university-research cooperation and scientific research results.