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JSU held the 88th and 98th Alumni Back to University Commemoration Anniversary
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On October 5th, more than a thousand 88th/98th alumni back to Jiangsu University, celebrated and recalled the lush years of friendship between teachers and students and participated in the 30/20 graduating years commemorative anniversary event, which theme is “Love JSU to Build a Dream Together”.

Chairman of University Committee, Prof. Yuan Shouqi; President, Prof. Yan Xiaohon; 4 Vice Presidents, Prof. Mei Qiang, Prof. Zhang Jijian, Prof. Li Hongbo, Prof. Quan Li, and relevant departments and schools’ leaders attended the   event. President Prof. Yan represented more than 50,000 teachers and students of JSU, warmly welcomed the arrival of alumni and expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone for their long-term attention and support to their JSU. He  introduced the development of the university to the alumni and pointed out that the development of the university is always closely linked to the development of alumni, who is the best image and representative of JSU. JSU will continue to strengthen the alumni brand activities and the organization of alumni associations, and actively plan the campus  science and technology project, alumni conversion project, entrepreneur’s alumni forum, etc., to provide alumni with  favorable social and lifelong learning conditions, and strive to form a university which cares for its alumni.

After that, the alumni dressed in commemorative T-shirts, along the beautiful campus lake, with the company of the university leaders for an unforgettable photo shoot. Later, they went to the cafeteria to taste the student-style lunch and visited the University History Museum to relish the wonderful university time.

In the afternoon, the 2018 Alumni Entrepreneur Forum was hosted by Vice President Prof. Zhang Jijian. The entire auditorium was packed, the President Prof. Yan, the vice Presidents Prof. Mei Qiang, Prof. Zhang Jijian, Prof. Li Hongbo, Prof. Quan Li and other schools’ leaders attended the forum. 9 alumni entrepreneurs were invited to discuss the development process and entrepreneurial story with the theme of “Creating the Future – Growth and Prospects of the  Enterprise” and “Competing with the Enterprise – Collaboration and Cooperation”. President Prof. Yan said that these 9 alumni have fully interpreted the meaning of excellence from different perspectives such as life growth, innovation and entrepreneurship, and enterprise development. They provide a model for students to establish noble-minded ideals,  rationally plan their studies and careers, and cultivate innovative entrepreneurship. It has brought useful enlightenment   to our university to deepen the reform of education and teaching and improve the quality of personnel training. President Prof. Yan hopes that all alumni entrepreneurs will further strengthen their cooperation with the JSU's production,  education and research, make the best of the complementary advantages of enterprises and universities to promote scientific and technological innovation. He also hopes we all will follow the examples of alumni entrepreneurs, pursue  excellence, strive for first-class, and endeavor to become outstanding future alumni of JSU.