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President Yan Xiaohong led the delegation to visit Taiwan
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From January 3rd to 8th 2018, President Yan Xiaohong led a delegation to visit Taiwan University, Taiwan Tsinghua University, and Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. While meeting with Taiwanese alumni of Jiangsu University, they met with leaders of Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Chaoyang University of Science and Technology, and Yishou University to effectively expand the cooperation between our university and a number of universities in Taiwan.

The delegation’s visit to Taiwan was organized to conduct extensive exchanges with public and private universities in Taiwan, strengthen the cooperation between our university and the higher education sector in Taiwan, and use our efforts to build a good opportunity for cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Jiangsu Province, and to use internationalization as the starting point.

During the visit to the University of Taiwan, the delegation held discussions with the university president, Guo Dawei and relevant directors. The two universities introduced their respective historical developments and discussed about the cooperation between two universities in the fields of agriculture modernization, agriculture machinery, sustainable development, electrical and innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Tsinghua University in Taiwan, Vice President Jiang Xiaowei and distinguished prof. Xu Shibi had a warm and friendly exchange with the delegation. President Yan Xiaohong explained our university is “grasping the opportunity, making progress, and striving to create a high-level, characteristic and international research-led university”. The two universities will jointly train masters and doctors in fields such as science, electrical, and Chinese international education, and will then expand into joint research centers in science and electrical fields.

After the talks at Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, both universities reached an agreement to pool the resources of colleges and universities on both sides of the strait, strengthen cooperation in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly promote innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice. The delegation also met the five undergraduate exchange students of our university at Kaohsiung University.