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JSU delegation visits Austria and Germany
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From October 2 to 9, 2017, the delegation of JSU visited the Graz University in Austria and the Amberg-Vuitton University of Applied Sciences in Germany in regard with further cooperation, promoting the exchange programs of Bachelor`s and Master`s students, doctoral students joint training and expansion of language and cultural exchanges.

On October 3, the delegation visited the Confucius Institute at Graz University where Dean Chen Wanjie and, vice dean, Zhang Lin delivered their reports and planned on increasing and accelerating of Confucius Institute enrollment.

Afterwards, cordial talks were conducted where Martin Polaschek, executive vice president of the University of Graz, Daniela Unger-Ullman, Director of the Languages and Cultures Center, Doris Knasar, International Department, Ph.D. graduate school and the German Language Department attended the talks. The two sides assented to utilize the ERASMUS project, to allow selected German graduates to teach at Jiangsu University, and organize short-term German training at Graz University.

On October 4, the delegation participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival activity organized by Confucius Institute. Günter Riegler, Assistant Mayor of Graz, Martin Polaschek, Executive Vice President of the University of Graz, and local residents celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. The delegation also met with Dr. Susanne Linhofer, Director of International Office of Graz who attended the event and reached a consensus on the future cooperation of German education between the two parties.

On October 6, the delegation set out for Amberg-Vuitton University of Applied Sciences in Germany. President Ludwig von Stern, Vice President, Professor Ulrich Müller, Director of International Affairs, Dr. Marian Mure, Director of Language and Center for Eastern European Affairs, and Professor Markus Brautsch, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Technology, Director Raphael Lechner, Professor Werner Prell attended the meeting. During the talks, the two sides reached an accord on joint training of doctoral students, undergraduate exchange programs and sending Chinese teachers to Germany for short-term Chinese Language training early next year. In addition, relative agreements were made on expansion of future cooperation and carrying out the current scientific research cooperation and students exchange with the Automotive Institute heading towards further expansion to relevant institutions such as Mechanical Engineering Institute and Environmental Science Institute.