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A Grand Closing Ceremony of SPIED2017Held at JSU
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The Fifth Summer Program for Innovative Engineering Design (SPIED2017) among China, Japan and South Korea was closed at Jiangsu University (JSU).The programm included multi-disciplinary collaborative teaching, brain storming, innovative design and production, workshop from August 18 to 27, 2017.

President Yan Xiaohong expressed his congratulations on the success of this program, speaking highly of the outstanding creativity and achievements of the students, and also handed the SPIED flag to Kunsan National University, the next hosting university in 2018, Prof. Pan Tianhong summarized the project on behalf of the organizers. Prof. Hwang Jae Jeong of Kunsan National University, briefed their preparation work and prospect of the SPIED project in the coming year. Prof. Jiang Zhongwei of Yamaguchi University hoped that intra-team communication would continue to keep team communication after this project and maintain anin-depth study of team cooperation projects, looking forward to making another success in CEDC 2017 held in YamaguchiUniversity at the end of this year.

SPIED 2017 is jointly organized by the Industrial Center, the International Office and the Overseas Education College.